Why we don't sell wigs "off the shelf."

There are many different wig systems on the market today and new systems are added all the time. The methods of construction, quality of hair and attachment systems vary considerably with these systems. Some hair systems require more maintenance than others, and some last longer than others.

Our experience has taught us that choosing the best system for you is more than just how the hair looks. We will work with you to choose a hair system that will be comfortable, easy to care for and look great. We then custom fit and style the hair to create the look you desire.

You are unique. You deserve more than an "off the shelf" solution. Come see us for a private consultation and we will create a custom solution that:
    • looks and feels natural
    • uses high quality 100% natural human hair
    • is comfortable and moves with you
    • is practical for your lifestyle
    • is easy to maintain

We can help you look and feel the way you have always wanted.
Call us today for a free and confidential consultation:
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100% natural, non-surgical hair replacement, extensions and additions for men and women.

In order to serve you best, we provide a free, private and discrete consultation.
Consultations usually take one hour. Day, evening and weekend times are available.

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