cut and styling services for hair replacement units and wigs

Wig & Hair Unit Styling Services for Men & Women

You bought a hair unit. Now what?

If you’ve purchased a ready-made hair replacement online or from a store, you may have been dismayed to find it didn’t look very natural right out of the box. Wigs always need to be cut and styled to look natural on you. Even the wigs that are meant to be ‘pre-styled’ will benefit from an expert cut/style. How your hair unit is cut and styled can make all the difference between a hair replacement that is obvious and one that no one would ever guess wasn’t your natural hair.


If you’re ready for an update, come in with your wig(s) and toupee(s) and let us help you with these salon services for your wigs:

Hair Replacement - Cut and Styling

Let an expert with over 30 years’ experience custom ‘cut-in’ your hair replacement to look natural, to move and settle naturally, to frame your face and head properly, and to blend seamlessly with your existing hair. Our expert hair replacement stylist will personalize and update your look using specialized techniques specific to hair replacement pieces.

Please note that if you have a synthetic wig or a human hair/synthetic blended wig, we are sorry but we cannot change the color.

Custom Hair Replacement Creation - No Contract Required

If you've tried ready-made hair units and they are just not meeting your needs, we can also help you with a custom hair unit creation. We offer free consultations for men and women coping with pattern baldness. And, if you decide that a custom look is what you need, rest assured, there is NO contract or club membership required.

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