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About Mike Gosdzinski

Over the course of his 40+ year career, Mike has owned hair salons in both Michigan and Florida. It was while in Florida that he first became involved with the American Cancer Society's I Can Cope Program, (news article) a volunteer group providing support and education to cancer patients and their families. "Hair loss is so emotional and has such an impact on how we feel. Helping cancer patients feel better about how they look was one small way I could help. I was honored to be a part of the program."

After moving back to Michigan to be near family, Mike now concentrates on helping people with all forms of hair loss, something he is still very passionate about. "There are a lot more options today for both men and women with hair loss. We are constantly evaluating new products, materials and techniques. But that's just the beginning. Whatever we choose for you has to be comfortable and practical for your lifestyle. It has to be cut and styled so that it compliments your face, moves with you, and looks and feels natural."

Mike remembers the first time he went to a barber. "Before that my Dad always cut my hair. It was the first time I said what I wanted and actually got it. I was impressed." That was the beginning of a lifelong quest to understand everything about cutting and styling hair. From formal training to mentorships, Mike has studied bone structure, hair growth patterns, and styling techniques; anything to help him better understand his craft.

"I went everywhere - all over North America. If I thought someone had something to teach me, I was there watching and analyzing, soaking it up like a sponge. It's all about helping you look and feel good. That's my job and I love it."


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